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Template-type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
Handle: RePEc:apb
Name: Taf publications
Maintainer-Name: Professor Dr. Usman Raja
Maintainer-Email: editor at tafpublications.com
Description:TAF Publishing is an open access scholarly press specializing
primarily in scholarly journals, monographs, magazines, textbooks, edited
books, and other books reflecting scholarship in the fields of medical and
health sciences, technology and engineering research, applied and physical
sciences, administrative and business studies, and multidisciplinary
domains. TAF Publishing is part of TAF, a research and development
organization, which serves the scholarly community across the globe. We
seek to publish the very best research produced by the international
academic community.
URL: https://tafpublications.com/RePEc/apb/
Homepage: https://tafpublications.com/

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