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Maintainer-Name: Dr. Farooq Ahmed Jam
Maintainer-Email: editor at global-jws.com
Description:Journal of Management Practices, Humanities and Social Sciences
(JMPHSS) was introduced by Global Illuminators (GI). Global Illuminators is
an abbreviation for the international network for scholars of research
development, learning, knowledge sharing, innovation, and capacity
building. This platform brings together trainers and scholars from
multidisciplinary fields for academic excellence, innovation, human
development, and research skills building from multiple countries skills
building of all scholars from multiple countries across the globe and from
different academic and professional disciplines. JMPHSS is a semiannually
peer-reviewed journal that publishes innovative research related to
policies and contemporary practices of management, humanities, and social
sciences. The journal seeks to critique and the existing knowledge, to
examine and re-evaluate the manner in which knowledge is produced and
distributed, and to assess the implications this has for society. We seek
contributions from people, individually or collectively, from different
countries and different backgrounds.
Homepage: https://global-jws.com/

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