[RePEc-announce] New archives: TEI Karala, AEAF Bulgaria (#1121, 1122)

Christian Zimmermann christian.zimmermann at uconn.edu
Wed Jan 13 19:38:41 CST 2010

Template-type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
Handle: RePEc:eaf
Name: Working paper series
Maintainer-Email: k.vassilev at aeaf.minfin.bg
Description: This series collects working papers on specific economic 
issues published by the Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (AEAF).
URL: http://www.aeaf.minfin.bg/RePEc/eaf/

Template-type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
Handle: RePEc:tei
Name: Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Kavala, Greece
Maintainer-Email: kostas at stergidis.com
Description: This archive includes articles from the International Journal 
of Economic Sciences and Applied Research (IJESAR), edited by TEI of Kavala
URL: http://www.ijesar.org/RePEc/tei/

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