[RePEc-announce] problems with mail to repec at repec.org

Kit Baum baum at bc.edu
Wed Apr 9 11:10:32 EDT 2008

Thomas and I have been trying to resolve these problems. We are  
essentially subjected to a denial-of-service attack in which hundreds  
of messages, at times, are being sent to somesillyname at repec.org per  
minute. On Thomas' suggestion this morning I changed the MX record  
from my server (which is virtual repec.org) to raneb.openlib.org, but  
that merely resulted in a flood of messages going to raneb. We are  
presently setting up an address

repec at mail.repec.org

which is now working properly (via snefru). We need to announce this  
via the blog and the RePEc homepage. I will also send a broadcast  
message to maintainers who have not yet set up their archives (as I  
do every month) notifying them of the new address.


Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

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