[OAI-eprints] e-print software

Antonella De Robbio derobbio@math.unipd.it
Fri, 25 Oct 2002 09:24:15 +0200 (CEST)

again on eprints softwares available ...

> > I'd like to implemet an e-print oai compliant server in my
> > university, managed by the library.  I'd like to know which are the
> > available software. I'm aware of eprints.org. Are there other
> > products available? [Pellizzari]

Another very complete software is CERN Document Server Software
(CDSware) developed and  maintained by the CERN which allows you
to run your own electronic preprint server, your own online
library catalogue or a document system on the web.
CDSware has many functionalities to submit papers, to convert
many formats, to search on metadata, citation and full-text with
integrated fulltext indexing (supported formats: PostScript, PDF, MS
Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)

The CDSware is free software too, licensed under GNU General Public
Licence (GPL) and it is complies with the OAI metadata harvesting
underlying bibliographic standard.

Main configuration are:
    * Configurable portal-like interfaces for hosting various kind of
    * Powerful search engine with Google-like syntax.
    * User personalization, including document baskets and email
notification alerts.
    * Electronic submission and upload of various types of documents.
    * Running an OAI data and service provider enabling the metadata
exchange between heterogenous repositories.

It's ideal for academic institutions
For a demo look at

See presentation by Jean-Yves Le Meur
Building OAI repository with the CERN Document Server Software
at Geneve conference

Padua (Italy) is interested to CDSware too,
because CDSware is not only a repository server,
but it is also an OAI-based solution for
managing data collections.
I have just finished a report in italian, which I have posted on
our server OA, written on the basis of a meeeting held
between italian group (present at Geneva during workshop) and the
CDS technical support people (which has assisted us very kindly)

Relazione tecnica su CDSware

Antonella De Robbio
University of Padua (Italy)