[RePEc-announce] RePEc in May 2022

Christian Zimmermann zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Wed Jun 8 03:49:10 UTC 2022

There has been much reason for celebration last month. RePEc is now 25 
years old. It reached 4 million indexed research items. And a rewrite of 
the CitEc matching algorithm increased the number of matched citations 
references by 8%. In addition, we welcome some new RePEc archives:State 
Agency for Intellectual Property (Moldova), Universidad de Santiago de 
Chile, Institute for Management and Planning Studies (Iran). We counted 
507,098 file downloads and 2,000,566 abstract views. And we reached the 
following milestones:

20,000,000 matched citations
4,000,000 indexed items
1,600,000 items with extracted references
500,000 cited working papers

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