[RePEc-announce] RePEc in June 2020

Christian Zimmermann zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Sun Jul 5 19:04:19 UTC 2020

RePEc occasionally adds new functionalities, and when they do not work 
out, one has to accept to shut them down. We have stopped disseminating 
the new working papers from NEP through Twitter. This service was popular, 
with over 20,000 followers. Unfortunately, Twitter kept blocking the feeds 
and it was simple not workable. One can still get the NEP reports through 
email and RSS. The listings of economists on Twitter and the associated 
Twitter lists are still functional.

Over the last month, we counted 536,405 file downloads and 2,930,444 
abstract views. We welcomed a few new participating archives: Institute of 
Statistics, Biostatistics and Actuarial Science, Learning Gate Publishing, 
Eastern Centre of Science and Education, Monash University(II). Finally, 
the milestone we reached:

700,000 articles with extracted references

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