[RePEc-announce] RePEc in March 2020

Christian Zimmermann zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Sat Apr 4 17:36:52 UTC 2020

The principal audiences of RePEc are the academic and policy worlds, and 
they are both in upheaval, in many cases, due to work from home and a 
change of focus. As detailed in a recent blog post, RePEc can help. This 
has been reflected in a healthy traffic for those RePEc services that 
report such numbers: 587,065 file downloads and 2,692,586 abstract views. 
Also, the circumstances have not prevented more archives to join RePEc: 
Ateneo de Manila University, Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of 
Romania, Agence française de développement, Robert Triffin International, 
Entrepreneur’s Guide (Russia), University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. And 
we reached a few milestones:

1,600,000 items in author profiles
800,000 articles with extracted references

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