[RePEc-announce] RePEc in May 2019

Christian Zimmermann zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Tue Jun 4 13:09:51 UTC 2019

The big news this month is that we reached 5000 working paper series 
indexed in RePEc. RePEc started to enhance the dissemination of working 
papers, and working papers are still the best way to learn about the 
frontier of research. More about this in our recent blog post.

In other news, we welcomed a diverse set of newly participating RePEc 
archives: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Strategic 
decisions and risk management, Dagestan State Pedagogical University, 
Center for Crisis Society Studies, Research Africa Network, New Economic 
School (II), Associaᅵᅵo Nacional de Pᅵs-Graduaᅵᅵo e Pesquisa em 
Administraᅵᅵo, Lupine Publishers, Poleconom, Biomedical Journal of 
Scientific & Technical Research. We counted 512,040 file downloads and 
1,975,480 abstract views. And we reached the following milestones:

750,000 cited articles
400,000 cited working papers
70,000 registered people
5,000 working paper series

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