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Name: Balanced Nature Using
Maintainer-Email: nature_us at ukr.net
Description: Magazine Bbalanced nature using" - the scientific and 
practical peer-reviewed journal on current Environment and Natural 
Resources. The journal aims to expand the scope of research by bringing 
authors, who work at the intersection of disciplines: economics and 
ecology, economics and agricultural science and so on. Founded: 2012. 
Frequency: Quarterly. Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English. Thematic 
focus magazine: coverage of environmental issues, sustainable 
environmental management, environmental protection, environmental 
management and auditing, environmental economics, land relations, 
agro-ecological monitoring, biosafety, ecotoxicology, and fertility of 
soils, biodiversity ecosystems. ISSN: 2310-4678. The journal is registered 
with the International Center of Periodicals (ISSN International Centre. 
Paris, France).
The magazine included in the list of scientific professional editions of 
Ukraine Economic fnd Agricultural Sciences.
URL: http://www.natureus.org.ua/repec/bnu/

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