[RePEc-announce] New archives, Jan 2013

Christopher Baum kit.baum at bc.edu
Fri Feb 1 08:25:53 CST 2013

RePEc added 10 new archives in January:

OTA	Otaru University of Commerce, Japan	
RDC	Romanian Distribution Committee (RDC)
DIP		Department of International Politics, City University London	
RAC	United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Regional Bureau for Africa	
CCC	Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research, University of Cambridge
OVE	Department of Economics, University of Oviedo	
CMH	History Faculty, University of Cambridge
SUA	Epsilon Open Archive, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)	
IRP		IRPET- Istituto Regionale per la Programmazione Economica della Toscana
UJE		Ukrainian Journal Ekonomist	

bringing the number of assigned archive codes to 1,514. In addition, 115 archive codes were requested during the last 9 months but
not yet implemented, and 325 codes were requested prior to that and are in inactive status.

Taylor & Francis have added 30+ journal titles to their archive, for which they are providing the metadata; we are continuing to host
the archive due to their corporate security policy. These titles include JASA, JBES, and The American Statistician, which they now publish.

The IMF is close to repatriating their archive (with the help of an outside contractor) and taking over full responsibility for its updates.

Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

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