[RePEc-announce] RePEc in August 2012

'Christian Zimmermann' zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Mon Sep 3 09:59:19 CDT 2012

RePEc went into a slumber for the last month. Quite little to report this 
time, except for heavy work in the background. The credentials for the 
accounts in the RePEc Author Service can now be used for authentication 
into various services, and NEP moved from SUNY Oswego to Penn State. See 
earlier blog posts about both events. Note also that NEP has now 
disseminated 200,000 working papers since its inception in 1998.

After adjustments for robots, reloads and other non-conformable traffic, 
we counted 441,838 file downloads and 1,714,916 abstract views from RePEc 
Services. Only four new archives joined RePEc: Socionet, Post Keynesian 
Economics Study Group, Academia Europea de Dirección y Economíe de la 
Empresa, and Birkbeck College (II). Finally, RePEc passed the following 
thresholds in the past month:

600,000 paper announcements though NEP (a paper may appear in several 
200,000 papers announced through NEP
3,500 working paper series

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