[RePEc-announce] New archives, October 2011

Christopher Baum kit.baum at bc.edu
Tue Nov 1 06:18:23 CDT 2011

RePEc added 12 new archives in October:

HKA	Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group	
JED		Journal of Economic Development, Chung-Ang University, South Korea	
JAU		Dpto. de Economía, Universitat Jaume I, Spain	
HYO	University of Hyogo Institute for Policy Analysis and Social Innovation, Kobe, Japan	
ASC	African Studies Centre (ASC), Leiden, The Netherlands	
NYE	New York State Economics Association (NYSEA)	
IJM		International Journal of Microsimulation
TEA		Rural Economy & Development Programme (REDP), Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority (Teagasc)	
SYB	University of Sydney Business School, Discipline of Business Analytics	
HIR		Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University	
SPA	Department of Economics, University of Sao Paulo	
WEI		Weissberg publisher

bringing the number of assigned archive codes to 1,372, with 106 archives added in 2011 to date.  In addition, there are 123 archive codes assigned but awaiting implementation by their maintainers, and 355 codes in inactive status, having had no response from their requestors within the last nine months.

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