[RePEc-announce] RePEc in May 2011

Christian Zimmermann zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Thu Jun 23 21:34:32 CDT 2011

There has been much behind the scenes work at RePEc, which will become 
visible over the next weeks, stay tuned! In the meanwhile, we surpassed 
400’000 working papers listed in our services, of which a third of a 
million are available online. We counted for the month of May 769,517 file 
downloads and 2,608,098 abstract views. Also, we welcomed 9 new 
participating archives: Bremer Energie Institut, Université Nancy 2-Metz, 
Universidad de la República (Uruguay) (II), Universität Freiburg (II), 
Universidad de Cantabria, London School of Economics (III), Titu Maiorescu 
University, Conference Master Resources, Bank of Thailand.

Finally, these a the threshold we passed over the passed month:
600’000 paper announcements disseminated through NEP
400’000 listed working papers
333’333 listed online working papers
12’000 listed books

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