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Christopher Baum kit.baum at bc.edu
Sat Jul 23 16:44:44 CDT 2011

I agree, and I usually ask requestors to contact an existing maintainer and collaborate. Inevitably the existing maintainer does not want to allow access to his/her server, or the requestor claims s/he cannot possibly collaborate with someone in a different admin unit. I have some sympathy for that. I could not give another unit at BC access to the server I use to publish boc without violating university security regulations. 

The more annoying thing from my perspective are the repeat requests from the _same_ unit after several months of inaction by the first requestor. I try to catch those. 

And the other day someone asked to establish an archive for a uni dept that  has been in RePEc for years. Turns out they have no idea how to access their existing content so they wanted to just start over!!


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On Jul 23, 2011, at 17:24, "Sune Karlsson" <Sune.Karlsson at oru.se> wrote:

> This is driving me nuts. There are already at least 6 archives from this 
> university, des, dsc, rsp, rsq, sap, saq. There are serious scale 
> problems with the mirroring process and we need to do our best to avoid 
> this, more or less, unnecessary proliferation of archives. We are 
> victims of our own success...
> /Sune
> On 2011-07-23 15:38, Christopher Baum wrote:
>> Template-type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
>> Handle: RePEc:sas
>> Name: Centre for Empirical Economics and Econometrics, Department of Statistics,
>>  "Sapienza" University of Rome
>> Maintainer-Email: s.fachin at caspur.it
>> Description: This archive collects working papers from the Centre for Empirical
>> Economics and Econometrics of the Department of Statistics of "Sapienza" University of Rome
>> URL: http://www.dss.uniroma1.it/RePec/sas
>> Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)
>> http://repec.org
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