[RePEc-announce] new archives, April 2010

Kit Baum baum at bc.edu
Sat May 1 17:26:07 CDT 2010

RePEc added  15  new archives in April:

EUF	DGFIN, European Commission	
AFJ	Africagrowth Institute	
CRN	CRANEC, Centro di Ricerche in Analisi Economica e sviluppo economico internazionale, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore	
HDR	Human Development Report Office, United Nations Development Programme
MUC	Universitat Munster, Centrum fur Angewandte Witschaftsforschung, Germany	
CHU	Economic Science Institute, Chapman University
WIN	Department of Economics, University of Winnipeg
LEU	Research Institute on Professions, Leuphana University, Germany
DBE	ERI-CES, University of Valencia	
SAQ	Department of Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods for Political Choices, La Sapienza, Roma	
RET	Revista de Economía Crítica, Spain	
PRS	Persée, France	
CDA	Department of Economics, University of California-Davis	
PCP	Peru, Department of Economics, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Peru	
TOV	Italy, Department of Business Study, University of Rome Tor Vergata

bringing the total number of archives to 1173. In addition, there are 139 archive codes assigned but not yet implemented, and 265 archive codes in inactive status.


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