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Name: Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program(TEMEP),  
Seoul National
Maintainer-Email: heshmati at snu.ac.kr
Description: This archive collects discussion papers from the  
Technology Managem
ent, Economics and Policy Program(TEMEP), Seoul National University.
Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program (TEMEP) is a  
graduate progra
m at the Seoul National University. It includes both M.Sc. and Ph.D.  
programs wh
ich are integrated into the graduate program at the College of  
TEMEP Discussion Papers is intended to serve as an outlet for  
publishing researc
h about theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of industrial  
  especially those related to the institute??s areas of  
specialization, namely ma
nagement of technology, information and telecommunication, health and  
energy ind
ustries, as well as development economics infrastructure. In  
particular submissi
on of studies analyzing current technology and industry related issues  
and discu
ssion of their implications and possible alternative policies are  
welcome. The o
bjective is to gain insights into important policy issues and  
acquiring a balanc
ed viewpoint of policymaking, technology management and economics  
which enable u
s to identify the problems in the industries accurately and to come up  
with opti
mal and effective guidelines. Another important aim with the series is  
to facili
tate communication with external research institutes, individual  
researchers and
  policy makers.
Research disseminated by TEMEP may include views on information and  
ation, technology management, energy, health and development economics  
policy, b
ut the institute itself takes no institutional policy positions. When  
e the policy views of the institute are disseminated in separate  
policy briefs.
Thus, any opinions expressed in TEMEP Discussion Papers are those of  
the author(
s) and not necessarily the institutes.
URL: ftp://ftp.temep.snu.ac.kr/RePEc/snv/

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