[RePEc-announce] New archives, September 2009

Kit Baum baum at bc.edu
Thu Oct 1 05:43:17 CDT 2009

RePEc added  12 new archives in September:

FSA		Financial Services Authority UK	

EID		Economics and International Development Department, Bath  

OZL		Australian Journal of Labour Economics	

PEC	Department of Economics and Regional Studies, University of Pecs	

LUC	Centre de Recherche en Économie Appliquée (CREA), University of  

EEN	Environmental Economics Research Hub, Australian National  

BIU		Department of Economics, Bar-Ilan University	

TSU	Tsukuba University Department of Economics	

CME	c.MET-05, interuniversity center of applied economics	

SED	Institute for Sustainable Economic Development, Department of  
Economics and Social Sciences, University of Natural Resources and  
Applied Life Sciences, Vienna	

KEN	Department of Economics at Kenyon College	

AEN	International Association for Energy Economics	

bringing the total number of archives to 1086. In addition, 130  
archive codes were assigned during the past 12 months but not yet  
activated, and 243 archive codes are in inactive status, never having  
been implemented.

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