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Christopher Baum baum at bc.edu
Mon Nov 16 10:48:58 CST 2009

Template-type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
Handle: RePEc:pfi
Name: Public Finance = Finances publiques
Maintainer-Name: Christopher F Baum
Maintainer-Email: baum at bc.edu
Description: Articles from Public Finance = Finances publiques
URL: ftp://ftpeagle.bc.edu/pub/user/baum/RePEc/pfi

Template-type: ReDIF-Archive 1.0
Handle: RePEc:qss
Name: Department of Quantitative Social Science, Institute of  
Education, University of London
Maintainer-Email: A.Miranda at ioe.ac.uk
Description: This archive collects working papers from the Department  
of Quantitative Social Science at the Institute of Education,  
University of London
URL: http://repec.ioe.ac.uk/RePEc/qss/

Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

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