[RePEc-announce] New archives, April 2008

Kit Baum baum at bc.edu
Thu May 1 08:11:57 EDT 2008

RePEc added 10 new archives in April 2008:

> RIS	RePEc Input Service	
> REJ	 Romanian Economic Journal, Academy of Economic Studies,  
> Bucharest	
> CEI	 Centrul de Economia Industriei si a Serviciilor, Academia Romana	
> STR	Department of Economics, University of Strathclyde	
> IUP	economics department at Indiana University-Purdue University  
> Indianapolis	
> WKH	Wolters Kluwer Health	
> RSC	Robert Schumann Centre, European University Institute, Florence
> MCN	MICROCON: A Micro Level Analysis of Violent Conflict, Institute  
> of Development Studies, Brighton, UK	
> LEB 	Lebanese Economic Association	
> IAA	Institute of Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the EC  
> (IAAEG)	

bringing the total number of archives to 879. In addition, 171  
requests for archive codes have been granted, and we are awaiting  
maintainers' actions.

Significant new content in RePEc this month include 12 new journal  
titles from Inderscience Enterprises, an imprint of M E Sharpe  


Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

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