[RePEc-announce] RePEc in November 2008

Christian Zimmermann christian.zimmermann at uconn.edu
Tue Dec 2 06:25:29 EST 2008

We have just experienced a tremendous month. First, about 25.000 works 
were added, second we have seen traffic like never before. The only 
downside was that we had to move the blog to http://blog.repec.org/ due to 
various issues.

The push in new material was partly due to additions from Agecon Search, 
as well as from a lot of activity from many other archives and finally 
from 13 new archives, more than usual: ADRES, Universitaet Wuppertal, 
CORE, INRA, University of Ottawa, University of Osijek, University of 
Nevada, Las Vegas, Pion Ltd, University of Texas at San Antonio, 
University of Indonesia, Asociacion Espanola de Profesores Universitarios 
de Contabilidad, University of Lancaster (II), Bilgesel Yayincilik.

In terms of traffic, we counted 860,187 file downloads and 3,292,711 
abstract views on Econpapers, IDEAS, NEP and Socionet. These are easily 
new records.

Which brings us to the thresholds we passed during the past month, an 
impressive list:
50.000.000 cumulative article abstract views
12.000.000 cumulative article downloads
7.000.000 cumulative downloads on EconPapers
3.000.000 monthly abstract views
800.000 monthly downloads
650.000 works listed
550.000 online works listed
350.000 abstracts listed
270.000 working papers listed
200.000 online working papers listed
200.000 working paper abstracts listed
125.000 working papers with references
120.000 articles with citations
4.000 institutions with registered authors
2.000 books listed
800 journals

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