[RePEc-announce] RePEc in May 2007

Christian Zimmermann christian.zimmermann at uconn.edu
Mon Jun 4 10:25:40 EDT 2007

Hello all!

The big news is that RePEc is 10 years old! On 12 May 1997, Thomas Krichel 
(then at the University of Surrey, now at Long Island University) lead a
meeting with Thomas Place and Corry Stuyts (University of Tilburg), Sune
Karlsson (then at the Stockholm School of Economics, now at Orebro University)
and Jose Manuel Barrueco Cruz (University of Valencia) as they laid down
the structure and semantics of RePEc. Then, on 27 May, the Financial
Markets Group at LSE opened the first participating RePEc archive, followed
by the University of Quebec at Montreal, DEGREE (Netherlands), the
Stockholm School of Economics and Boston College.

RePEc has made tremendous strides since, becoming now the standard online 
tool for bibliographic searches in Economics and an example of efficiency 
in library science.

More narrowly, let's see what RePEc established within the last month: 
593,712 file downloads and 2,165,055 abstract views, as well as surpassing 
the following numbers:

75000000 cumulated paper abstract views
5000000 cumulated downloads through EconPapers
480000 listed items
250000 abstracts
240000 paper announcements thorugh NEP
100000 JEL coded items
13000 registered authors
1500 online chapters
600 journals
400 NEP-ALL reports
10 years RePEc

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