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Name: Rainer Hampp Verlag
Maintainer-Email: fietze at uni-flensburg.de
Description: This archive collects articles from the Management  
Revue, The International Review of Management Studies. Management  
Revue is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal publishing both  
qualitative and quantitative work, as well
as purely theoretical papers that advances the study of management,  
organization, and industrial relations. Management Revue publishes  
articles that contribute
to theory from a number of disciplines, including business and public  
administration, organizational behavior, economics, sociology, and  
psychology. Reviews of
books relevant to management and organization studies are a regular  
feature. Special issues provide a unique and rich insight into the  
issue's research field.
Each special issue, organized by selected guest editors, will  
comprise at least
two (controversial) overview articles from leaders in the field, at  
least three
new empirical papers and up to ten book reviews related to the  
relevant topic. The goal is to establish Management Revue as a top  
quality symposium journal for
the international academic community. Management Revue aims to  
consolidate its reputation, offering in depth insights into selected  
research topics by providing
potentially controversial perspectives, new theoretical insights,  
valuable empirical analysis and brief reviews of key publications.
URL: http://www.management-revue.org/RePEc/mamere/

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