[RePEc-announce] RePEc in May 2004

Christian Zimmermann christian.zimmermann at uconn.edu
Fri Jun 4 12:15:32 EDT 2004

Hello all,

traffic on RePEc was slower than usual, as every year as we get in the 
Summer: 269,227 file downloads and 1,177,035 abstract views.

However, there have been major develoments with the inclusion of 
about 80 Elsevier journals with 40000 articles, as well as 7 new archives. 
Accordingly, many landmarks have been reached during the past month:

250000 items
150000 items online
100000 articles
75000 online working papers
75000 items claimed by registered authors
35000 items with references
8000 listed institutions
5000 registered authors
1600 series
300 journals
250 NEP-all reports

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