[RePEc-announce] Fwd: aliases

Christopher F Baum baum at bc.edu
Wed Jul 21 20:09:19 EDT 2004

This seems to be fixed now.


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> From: Kit Baum <baum at bc.edu>
> Date: July 21, 2004 3:05:38 PM EDT
> To: the gory details of RePEc <repec-run at fafner.openlib.org>
> Subject: aliases
> I have recently noticed that the aliases defined at RePEc's ISP, 
> register.com, are not working (e.g. IDEAS, authors, logec, etc.) 
> Everything looks in order at register.com, and these aliases are 
> defined there, not on the repec.org server. I have submitted a trouble 
> ticket to register.com on the problem.
> Thanks
> Kit
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