[RePEc-announce] RePEc in July 2004

Christian Zimmermann christian.zimmermann at uconn.edu
Wed Aug 4 08:42:51 EDT 2004

Hello all!

Traffic has been relatively calm this month, with 245,164 file downloads 
and 896,169 abstract views. This indexed data has shown quite a bit of 
growth, though, as the following thresholds reached during the month show:

275000 items listed
180000 online items
125000 abstracts
100000 online articles
80000 online working papers
80000 working papers with abstracts
80000 items claimed by registered authors
50000 working papers with JEL codes
1250 working paper series
8 new archives

Also, RePEc services have added new features: EconPapers (a couple of 
months ago) and IDEAS have implemented the recognition of "similar items", 
that is works that appear in the database in various versions. They are 
now crosslinked. In the case of EconPapers, this came with a major 
overhaul of the search facility.

IDEAS allows now to import bibliographic information in various formats.

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