[RePEc-announce] largest archives

Kit Baum baum at bc.edu
Mon Dec 29 15:18:02 EST 2003

With Sune Karlsson's help, I have updated the list of the 30 largest 
archives on the repec.org homepage...
the biggest change in the list was that of Blackwell Publishers, moving 
up to the No. 3 slot. New additions to the top 30 include the Society 
for Computational Economics (22), California eScholarship Repository 
(26) and Centre for Economic Performance, LSE (30). These 30 archives 
represent over 162,000 templates, or about 77% of RePEc content, with 
the smallest archive containing over 1,200 templates. In comparison, 
the next 30 archives contain about 22,200 templates (an additional 10% 
of RePEc content).


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