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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 17:19:22 +0100
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Subject: EPrints User Group meeting (OR07): Call for Presentations

(Apologies for cross-posting)

You are invited to participate in an EPrints User Group meeting at  
the Open Repositories conference (San Antonio, January 2007) at which  
EPrints v3.0 will be formally launched. A wide range of potential  
themes and topics (technical and managerial) is suggested below.  
Proposals for presntations, panels and discussions are invited for  
submission by ** Monday, November 13 **.

For full details, including submission instructions, see http:// 
Les Carr

EPrints has a reputation for ease of building a repository, whilst  
maintaining enough flexibility to be adaptable to many different  
requirements — scientific data repositories, image collections,  
teaching and learning repositories as well as Open Access peer- 
reviewed research publications. These isues are reflected in the  
themes that we suggest covering:

Embedding EPrints within an Institution
- Interoperability between EPrints and Other Systems
- Portals
- Management Information Systems
- Research Assessment Procedures
- Realistic Costings: how many people does it take to run an EPrints  
- Policy Development and Enforcment

Marketing Your Organisation and Its Research
- Branding Your Repository
- Tracking Article Usage (e.g. Google Analytics)
- Co-ordinating Deposits with Press Releases

Practical Experiences and War Stories
- Content Growth: how to stimulate regular deposits
- Gaining Support from Faculty and Senior Management
- Mandates and Recommendations: what works where?
- Best Practice and Otherwise
- Repository Management
- Optimizing Workflows
- Versioning
- Keeping Data and Metadata Fresh and Relevant
- Implementing Achievable Preservation Policies
- Technical Solutions for De-duplication, Metadata Improvement and  
other Information Updates

Critical Success Factors: what makes a good repository
- Diversifying your EPrints Repository
- Extending the EPrints biodiversity: image collections, theses, data  
collections, e-portfolios, teaching/learning collections
- Managing diversification

Technical Issues and Enhancements
- Web 2.0: Social Tagging and Social Networking?
- Better User Interfaces and Improved User Experience
- Repository Architectures
- Your Improvements and Your Wish List for future features
- NB: EPrints Version 3 will be launched on the second day of the  

The above themes are not exhaustive - presentations on other issues  
relevant to EPrints users are welcomed

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