[OAI-eprints] Re: [BOAI] Re: Cliff Lynch on Institutional Archives

Thomas Krichel krichel@openlib.org
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 18:52:50 +0200

  Radu writes

> Not never mind, because this is a very important point. Disciplines 
> are made out of individuals who share (or assume they share), a 
> specific body of knowledge.
> Yes, individuals should do it, but individuals have enough of a hard 
> time doing the research and writing the paper. If you give them yet 
> another set of tasks to put their papers online, just for the sake of 
> others, with no recognition... they simply won't do it.

  Could not agree more. Therefore you have to create incentives.
  They can only come from with a discipline. 

> Right now I'm working with Marie-Odile Junker at Carleton University, 
> Ottawa, Canada on online documenting the Cree language (an aboriginal 
> American couple of dialects). And she's upset that though this effort 
> took much more resources than writing a dozen of scholarly journal 
> papers, the University does not give her any publication-related 
> bonus. THAT is the reason the 'disciplines' have to be made aware of 
> the power of open distribution.

  Could not agree more! Exactly my situation, as the originator
  of RePEc, within the econemics community. But times will be 
  changing. The whole paper-area publish or perish system
  will change, over time. 

  With greetings from Minsk, Belarus,

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