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First Nordic Conference  on Scholarly Communication
Lund 22 - 23 October 2002
Copenhagen 24 October 2002
Conference Presentations=20
First Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication
[ http://www.lub.lu.se/ncsc2002/ ]

Re-engineering the Scientific Publishing Process (pdf)
Bo-Christer Bj=F6rk, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administratio=
n, Helsinki, Finland

Beyond Today's Electronic Journals: What Do We Really Need? (html) =
Peter Boyce, American Astronomical Society, USA

Future e-access to the primary literature (pdf)
Declan Butler, Nature, UK

Looking to the Bright New Future: Some Thoughts on Improved Access,=20
Wider Readership and New Business Models=20
John  Cox, John Cox Associates, UK

Publication policy and the Danish Medical Research Council (abstract, =
Jens Chr. Djurhuus, Danish Medical Research Council, Denmark

What a researcher needs from publications (pdf)
Ole Dragsb=E6k Madsen, Hagedorn Research Institute (HRI), Novo Nordisk =
Discovery, Denmark

International Cooperation to Reclaim Scholarly Communication (pdf) =
Ken Frazier, University of Wisconsin Libraries, USA

A Foundational Moment? Humanities Journals and the Challenges of=20
Scholarly Publishing in the New Century (abstract)
Michael Grossberg, American Historical Review, USA=20

FIGARO, federative European academic e-publishing initiative
Natalia Grygierczyk, The Figaro Project, Utrecht University, The Netherland=

Breaking the corporate stranglehold over scholarly publishing:=20
a matter of symbolic capital
Jean-Claude Gu=E9don, University of Montreal, Canada=20

Publication strategies and planning in the Pharmaceutical Industry (pdf) =
Peter Kurtzhals, Discovery at Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark=20

The benefits and challenges of academic-led scholarly and scientific =
journals:  the ELSSS project as a test case (pdf) (abstract)
Manfredi La Manna, University of St Andrews, Scotland=20

What's the use of electronic journals? (pdf)
Ingegerd Rabow, Lund University Libraries, Head Office, Sweden=20

OAI Repositories at Caltech (pdf)
Eric van de Velde, California Institute of Technology, USA

Open Access. All Use is Fair Use (pdf) (abstract)
Jan Velterop, BioMed Central, UK=20

Conference moderators:=20
Lars Bj=F8rnshauge, Lund University Libraries, Sweden
Henning P. Nielsen, Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark=20

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