[OAI-eprints] Interoperability - subject classification/terminology

Pauline Simpson ps@soc.soton.ac.uk
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:07:34 +0000

Dear  All

At the OAI Geneva I undertook to do the following

2.    Investigate OAI and OAF email archives for prior discussion and 
3.    Open the discussion with the intention of constructing a model/s to 
address perceived problems. We will need a statement of the problem/s and 
suggested solutions (some already articulated on Saturday)
At present we have completed item 2 and and are now compiling a table of 
all e-Print archives (that we can find!) with an annotation of what subject 
classification they 'appear' to be using  :  LOC;  DDC;  In House 
Classification (possibly based on LOC or another);  In House 
terminology;  Faculty/Dept/Group; None.
We hope to have completed this work by the end of next week and will be 
placing it on the web for validation and additions.  This will then form 
the basis of discussion on the way forward.  I will email the list again 
when we have done this.

If any of you know of the existence of such a table already please let me 
know  (and send it to me) so that we do not duplicate effort.

It has taken longer than I thought but I believe this evidence gathering 
exercise will be a worthwhile tool in our deliberations concerning 
harvesting and interoperability between institutional and discipline based 
e-Print archives.

best wishes


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